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Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations: When you thought the immigration issue couldn’t get worse

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in nearly three decades of writing opinion pieces for the Standard-Examiner, it’s that no situation is so utterly, hopelessly and totally messed up that a certain half-witted columnist can’t make it much worse by chiming in on the subject.


Bigger, better farmers market kicks off this weekend in downtown Ogden

OGDEN — Like the fruits and vegetables at the heart of this annual summer tradition, Farmers Market Ogden continues to grow.

Standard Deviations

Journalism awards? Meh. But journalism? It doesn't get any better

I’ve never put much stock in awards.


After 60 years on the job, octogenarian showing no signs of slowing down

OGDEN — Not only is Hartmut Jeske old enough that he could have retired at least 15 years ago, even the job itself is nearing retirement age.


Layton gets first Sonic 3D in the nation

LAYTON — Honey, I shrunk the Sonic.


Wee Beer Fest comes to Ogden's Golden Spike Events Center Saturday

OGDEN — The festival motto says it all: “Tiny glass, big taste.”


Sundance's ‘Butch Cassidy’ summer offering underwhelms Ogdenites

OGDEN — Trading 11 days in January for just one night in July?


Neighbors hang on to hope as Riverdale landslide disaster continues

RIVERDALE — Hope, as they say, springs eternal.

Standard Deviations

Standard-Deviations: How would a columnist go about becoming a consultant?

Con·sult·ant (kən sult’nt) n. A person you pay for doing the job you were supposed to be doing in the first place.


Arts fest in Brigham has a new name and a focus on old and new art traditions

BRIGHAM CITY — The Heritage Arts Festival is dead. Long live the Brigham City Arts Festival.

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