Utah man says tax commission owes him an explanation

2012 TC-40, Utah Individual Income Tax Return

Because of health problems, in June 2014, my wife and I sold our family farm in Idaho, where we had lived for more than 30 years. We then moved into an assisted living facility in Brigham City, and my wife passed away in early spring 2015.  In late October 2017, I received a letter from the...


Hollywood is training American kids to become killers

School Shooting Florida

Where is the most prolific training ground for a budding young terrorist or mass school shooter? Right in your own living room. One evening last week, my wife and I sat down in front of our TV set and began clicking through the available movie list. Very few contained anything we were interested in....


The National Rifle Association isn't the fourth branch of government

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida Funeral

Once again flags are flying at half-staff while politicians utter platitudes. Besides the 17 students and staff who were killed in Florida, many were seriously injured, and hundreds of children are traumatized. Since 1990 150 schoolchildren have died from gun violence. Gun violence is preventable....


Trump is possibly the worst president in history


William J. Ridings Jr., who is an attorney, and Stuart B. McIver, an editor and author, consulted with 719 historians and political scientists from every region of the nation and asked them to rank each president in the following categories: leadership qualities; accomplishments and crisis...

Guest Commentary

Adults won't do anything about gun violence. Maybe teens can.

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida-5

“If this nation’s teens can convince voters to elect candidates that are not beholden to the NRA, maybe progress can be made toward lessening the carnage that so frequently visits our nation’s schools and public places,” writes Don Porter.

Our View

Mowing electric — a small, practical way to improve Utah air quality

SW 042116 Mentor Mowing 03

Do something to improve Utah air quality. Trade in your gasoline-powered mower.

National Commentary

AP FACT CHECK: Trump roars on Twitter about Russia probe

APTOPIX Trump Russia Probe

The AP fact checks Trump’s tweets about the Russia investigation.


Simulated violence contributes to mass killings

School Shooting Florida

Once again we are at loggerheads relative to mass murders, and the same old arguments are put forth. It may be useful to ask: How does the thought “I want to kill a lot of people” become imbedded in the mind of a human? How does the thought, “I will plan and execute the acts, step...


S-E Columnist was wrong about stock market gains

Financial Markets Wall Street-10

I am curious as to where E. Kent Winward, your guest columnist, gets his financial information. He states, “As I write for the newspaper and put my words out for the community to read, I strive for accuracy and relevance. … But as much as I’d like to think what I write is...


School shootings are a result of kicking God out of our lives

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida

The Standard-Examiner published two letters Feb. 16 addressing the horrendous school shooting in Florida. One letter was absolutely correct (“Violence, killing won't end without a change of heart”), and the other couldn’t have been more wrong (“We need a moratorium on the...

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