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A political coup

Friday , June 29, 2018 - 12:00 AM9 comments

How many of your readers have realized that America has just had its first COUP? Wake up people… A Coup is when there is an organized attempt to over throw a government from within - In this case the United States of America… something no American ever dreamed to be possible. It was never the Russians! Nor a prostitute, nor any of the fictitious stories manufactured to upset an election and the electoral votes of the people.

What’s happened? Well, a past President and Loretta Lynch attorney General spent millions of dollars to fly two large jet planes to meet, in order to talk about grandchildren (or coordinate a takeover of our government?) A coordinated effort of individuals representing various branches of our government attempted to overthrow an elected President by creating a fictitious event, have a special independent investigation outside of our government’s control convene to unseat an elected President. They banked on the ‘deplorables’ to never know what happened!

Many Democrats have not realized that their liberalism has slid so far left that it has become a social Marxist position that most communists have long discarded for economic prosperity and capitalist values.

And guess what, it’s not over yet, and the list of those from various branches of our government who have participated will grow and grow… America’s deep state is both deep and wide… Democrats wake up, stop being sheep, and become Americans.

Call and wake up your Congressmen and let them know. It’s almost too late! And the majority of people have bought into the emotional dribble of socialist propaganda being carried over the airwaves. If you don’t believe me, spin through your national channels and take notes. It’s textbook! And your freedoms are truly at stake!

Don Muno

North Ogden

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